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Welcome to upgrading your mindset, business, and life. Intuitive coaching for clarity on your vision and path. 

Why Choose Stephanie?

Stephanie has worked in the personal development field for 20+ years. She is a seasoned life coach and speaker, helping 1000+ people gain clarity toward their life path, to breath through mindset blocks and fears, and to clear blocks so they can move clearly toward their vision and goals. Stephanie's mission is to help individuals get super aligned with who they are on the inside with how they are in the world. When we are clear, we are better communicators, we don't have past experiences sabotaging our present, we are not burdened by past traumas, we are free to experience the present clearly. We are better decision makers. We turn conflict into opportunity for connection. When we have peace on the inside we create peace in the world around us. And the world sure could use more peacemakers. Choose the inner work. Choose the clarity. Choose alignment. Choose emotional freedom. Choose peace. 

This is the first time I ever had a Chakra reading done. I had heard of the chakras before, but honestly, I donÔÇÖt know a whole lot about them. 

After getting my reading done by Stephanie, it definitely helped me to see my life on a much deeper realm/level that I hadnÔÇÖt been aware of before.  I could draw connections to where they were coming from. It was like having an old and wise person give me advice on life and where IÔÇÖm headed without any specifics ---but knowing that it will get me to my final destination. I didnÔÇÖt expect a crystal ball to tell me my fortune, but as I listened to my reading--- it gave me a peace in my soul. Learning that each chakra had a significant role in how my life develops, also helped me to be more attuned to each one.  

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About Stephanie

Stephanie Zito

Intuitive Coach + Energy Activator

Welcome! I am intuitive life coach. I believe we are called to a unique purpose in life when we tap into that, we feel aligned, clear, and on our path. My purpose is to help you gain clarity through my intuitive gifts and design a clear plan to move you toward your purpose and passions. 

I've been a student of yoga since I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda. My studies of somatics, conflict resolution, and deepening my intuitive gifts have brought me the clarity and vision to help you cut through your blocks and fears so you can be empowered to choose your best life. 

Here's to your best life!