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Welcome to upgrading your mindset, business, and life. Intuitive coaching for clarity on your vision and path. 

Why Choose Stephanie?

Stephanie has worked in the personal development field for 20+ years. She is a seasoned life coach and speaker, helping 1000+ people gain clarity toward their life path, to breath through mindset blocks and fears, and to clear blocks so they can move clearly toward their vision and goals. Stephanie's mission is to help individuals get super aligned with who they are on the inside with how they are in the world. When we are clear, we are better communicators, we don't have past experiences sabotaging our present, we are not burdened by past traumas, we are free to experience the present clearly. We are better decision makers. We turn conflict into opportunity for connection. When we have peace on the inside we create peace in the world around us. And the world sure could use more peacemakers. Choose the inner work. Choose the clarity. Choose alignment. Choose emotional freedom. Choose peace. 

This is the first time I ever had a Chakra reading done. I had heard of the chakras before, but honestly, I don’t know a whole lot about them. 

After getting my reading done by Stephanie, it definitely helped me to see my life on a much deeper realm/level that I hadn’t been aware of before.  I could draw connections to where they were coming from. It was like having an old and wise person give me advice on life and where I’m headed without any specifics ---but knowing that it will get me to my final destination. I didn’t expect a crystal ball to tell me my fortune, but as I listened to my reading--- it gave me a peace in my soul. Learning that each chakra had a significant role in how my life develops, also helped me to be more attuned to each one.  

Teresa K
Fitness Coach

Brace yourself; this is going to be a long one! There aren't enough words to describe the work that I have done with Stephanie in just a few short months. I feel like I am different person through her guidance and sheer presence in my life.I had come across Stephanie on a meditation app (Insight Timer) and loved everything she was offering in a live session. It was a no brainer to continue one on one work together. I was struggling with feeling a bit confused on my professional journey having so much success and finding freelance work easily in recent years, 2023 felt really different and I wanted to FEEL into what was happening and why. Stephanie, (in our very first 15 minutes together) was aligning me with identifying what I really wanted in my true path and journey in life. Sure, success and financial freedom are great, but she asked me to figure out, what are some types of work environments, type of work and companies that I align with? This was a piece that I hadn't really considered so it felt like I had unlocked a door in my life. We quickly bonded and connected over our love for everything that felt ethereal and dove head first into this work. I also felt ready for the intuitive side of the work she does which connected my 3D world with spirituality. This was where it all changed!I've experienced two hypnosis sessions with Stephanie, which as a newbie I wasn't sure what to expect. Now, I like to think of it as a gateway into reprogramming our subconscious while being guided on a very relaxing meditative journey. About a week after each hypnosis session, the things that felt really big and heavy in my life had really cooled off. Many past issues had seemingly floated away effortlessly and I wasn't as activated by those thoughts nearly as much. It wasn't so much as a flip of a switch, more like a passive departure of bothersome continuous issues. What I love about Stephanie is her approach to the triggers and worries that felt like mine, really aren't mine at all (they were left over by maybe some family karma or previous programming that needed a bit of a shake out). She has a beautiful knack of cutting through low vibration thoughts to help purely understand the energy connection to everything and connecting the WHYs in my life.We also did an incredible access into the Akashic Records guided meditation last week that left me in the best mood... like forever. I am still on Cloud 9 from that experience. I was able to tap into energy and see new things that felt so unbelievable in a way that I have never experienced before. I connected so deeply with angel guides & different energetic spaces in my past, present and future paths. I received some incredible words of wisdom that I carry around with me daily and all I have to say is that THIS IS THE WORK!I have done a ton of traditional therapy, life coaching, law of attraction work, reiki and other spiritual outlets in the past but Stephanie's work is beyond any of it. Understanding my world now in a different way, I feel like I tapped into a part of myself that I always *knew* existed but never really understood how to access; Stephanie decodes the mystery of how to attain true personal enlightenment in beautiful and really FUN ways. There is no doubt that we were meant to meet; I am so excited for what's to come in the work we do!

Jessie H.
Los Angeles, California

I had the privilege of receiving an Akashic Records Journey with Stephanie Zito and it was nothing short of amazing. As a Way-shower, she provided a safe space to explore deep understandings around my life's purpose and next steps, and her guidance and interpretations helped the information and journey flow clearly. I highly recommend booking a session with Stephanie!

Vanessa G.
San Clemente, CA

About Stephanie

Stephanie Zito

Intuitive Coach + Energy Activator

Welcome! I am intuitive life coach. I believe we are called to a unique purpose in life when we tap into that, we feel aligned, clear, and on our path. My purpose is to help you gain clarity through my intuitive gifts and design a clear plan to move you toward your purpose and passions. 

I've been a student of yoga since I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda. My studies of somatics, conflict resolution, and deepening my intuitive gifts have brought me the clarity and vision to help you cut through your blocks and fears so you can be empowered to choose your best life. 

Here's to your best life!